Half Marathon Santander Totta

The event will take place on october 20, at 10.30am. starting from the "Vasco da Gama" Bridge

Running into the streets of Lisbon, this race has a very nice course and is a great opportunity for everyone who would like to visit Lisbon, mainly this new area (where happened the EXPO'98), which is in nowadays devoted to social events (music concerts, walk and bike tours near the river Tagus.

water, sports drinks, fruits, from km 5 (2.5 km and every 2.5 km) and after the Finish Line. Checkpoints There will be checkpoint areas for the runners, being disqualified any athlete who: Isn’t properly registered; Does not wear the assigned race number Does not complete the full course. 

Video Results for the half marathon with MyvideoFinish and certificat online


Mini Maratona EDP Event details




Not ready to run a half marathon? Join participants in the EDP Mini Marathon (8.5 km)! Experience all the fun of Lisbon at a distance much more accessible.

Distance: 8.5 kilometers

Departure time: 10:30am

Time limit:   03:00

Highlights of the race:

• Start on the Vasco da Gama bridge
• Bands along the route
• Finish Line Festival Concert
• Family friendly event

-Bib Number: all packages will be given in the "Pavilhão de Portugal" Parque Expo, between 17 and 19 of october, from 10.00am to 07.00pm, only under presentation either a document proving the payment of your entry fee or the e-letter you have received after your registration online and your I.D.

Absolutely no bib numbers will be available for pick up on race day, Sunday, october 20.
Complete instructions, safety pins, will be enclosed with your bib number


- Cancellations

Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and entries are not transferable. We're sorry, but we cannot admit exceptions. If you cannot participate, you may not sell your registration. You cannot transfer your registration to next year's event, nor for future events.


- Your contact

To all competitors note that is very important you communicate us a valid , this e-mail address will be used to send you further information about the event..

It is strongly recommended that the all participants inform their name, phone contact (in case of emergency) and any medical details they consider appropriate, on the back of the bib. This information may be of the utmost importance in case a health problem arises during the race.

- Sunday october 20, 2019
- 07:30am / 09:00am - Transports to the Start Line
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Attention: Last bus to the start area will leaves at 09:00am - don't miss it !
- Only buses provided by the organization will allow you access to the START line.
These buses are free of charge and will get the athletes to the Start Line between 7h30 a.m. and 9h00 a.m. They will depart from the Avenida D. João II, between the "Gare do Oriente" train station and the Shopping Center "VASCO DA GAMA"

- To go to the "EXPO'98 - Parque das Nações" area, the athletes will be able to use the subway, the trains and the buses around Lisbon for free, as long as they wear their race-numbers.






Run Lisbon

You finish your race .
You will receive medal after finishing the Marathon, Half Marathon and Mini Marathon .

EDP Lisbon Half Marathon - March 17, 2019.
Registration open
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The race on the street

Lisbon Marathon