To move to the start area, from 07:00 to 09:45 and on presentation of the start number, the athlete can use in the city of Lisbon:

Comboios da CP - Sintra, Cascais, Azambuja e Sado lines

Autocarros da CARRIS  

METRO de Lisboa  

The athlete must move to the train station Roma-Areeiro, Entrecampos, Sete Rios or Campolide and take the train FERTAGUS to the Pragal station. This is the only means of transport for the match. There is no bus service or any other transport.

See here the special times for Fertagus on race day  

ATTENTION: Between the Pragal station and the toll of the April 25 Bridge are close to 15-minute walk.

If you are on the south bank of the Tagus river, you can use by presenting the dorsal to the Pragal (departure zone):

MTS – Metro Transportes do Sul  

TST – Transportes Sul do Tejo

Comboios da FERTAGUS – from Setúbal, Palmela, Venda do Alcaide, Pinhal Novo, Penalva, Coina, Fogueteiro, Foros de Amora and Corroios - to Pragal train station

Discount CP Long Haul

The CP offers 30% discount on tickets round trip, on Alfa-Pendular routes, Intercity, regional and interregional, 1 day before and after the event date.

It is compulsory the registration evidence presentation at the event and personal identification at the time of purchase and the review board, on the outward journey and return.

The tickets have to be issued to Lisbon.

Not cumulative with other discounts or promotions.

Repayable in accordance with regulations.

Revalidation: only possible within the period of validity of the aforementioned discount, out of which you will have to pay the difference to full ticket, according to regulations.

They are not accepted Requisition Transportation or Cheque train as payment.

Available in CP ticket office, or on the road when they are unmanned.