Training - FAQ’S


What kind of shoes should I wear?

The most important equipment for a runner is the right pair of shoes. What you need is a good, basic well-cushioned pair of shoes that fits well. Your shoes do not need to be the most expensive; they do need to be comfortable and well-fitted to your feet. We advise you to visit your local sports store to get advice on the best shoes for you.

When is it best to train?

Since running is a sport which is not bound by time, you can go during your lunch break, in the evening or even early in the morning. This activity can fit perfectly into your life without making any big compromises.  If you decide to run in the early morning, pay attention to warming-up properly.

However, the climate as well as the daylight help determine when you should run. Throughout the summer months, high daytime temperatures and humidity are a good reason for running in the early morning.  On the contrary, if the temperatures are low in the morning and it is dark in the evening, it is a good idea to run at mid-day.

How often should I run?

As a beginner, you should definitely not run every day! Running seven days a week, every week is only for the very best runners! It is best to go for 3-4 workouts a week, which gives you enough rest days in between. This does not mean that you should not exercise at all during these days, but if you do, then definitely on the moderate side.

How long should I run?

Forty-five minutes is the so-called standard for aerobic exercise. Of course, you can do a bit less or a bit more, but as a general rule, it is the ideal length of time your body needs to increase its physiological benefits. Even if you don’t start with running a full 45 minutes in the beginning, this should be the goal to aim for.

How hard should I run?

Remember: Running does not mean sprinting. You should do your running intervals at a comfortable pace, best with the so-called “talk test”. Meaning, if you can comfortably talk while you’re running – without any puffing – your training zone is correct. However, if you have enough breath to belt out a song, you are probably not running hard enough!