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RunningPortugal Circuit

Przedstawienie najważniejszych biegów, dobrze zorganizowanych, z dobrymi zawodnikami, animacją i wsparciem dla biegaczy oto cel serwisu Running Portugal

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Ultra Marathon Melides Troia - 25 June 2017

Ultra Marathon


June 25, 2017
Ultra Marathon & Atlantic race 15Km

Ultra Marathon Melides-Tróia is an adventure race organized annually by the municipality of Grândola, running through the Troia Peninsula beaches on the west coast of southern Portugal, Alentejo. This competition is unique in its kind throughout Europe
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EDP Lisbon half Marathon - 19 March 2017

Lisbon Half Marathon

19 March

EDP Lisbon Half Marathon - Come cross the bridge (Ponte 25 de Abril). You will be among the 35,000 runners that every year participate in this event. A mini marathon (fun race of 7,200Km) not ranked for those hwo want to say: I was there ! - More information

Cascais Lisboa Classic 20Km - 23 April 2017
Cascasi Lisboa Classic 20Km

Cascais Lisboa Classic 20Km

April 23, 2017

Cascais Oeiras Lisboa Classic 20Km - Running all along the ocean from Cascais, Estoril into Lisbon, by the coast, also called Costa do Sol. This route is really beautiful with its natural beauty. The race start from the Casino Estoril to Lisbon along the sea, the finish line is installed opposite the prestigious monastery Mosteiro dos Jerónimos.
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D'ouro Run Half Marathon - 21 May 2017
Gondomar Half Marathon

Gondomar Half Marathon

June 26, 2016

Located in mild and fertile valleys, Gondomar is famous for works in jewelery, activity in existence for centuries and that are believed back to the time of vigodos and Celtic. The origin of this activity is directly related to the existing gold mines in the region, closed for more than two centuries.
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Lisbon Marathon - 02 October 2016

Lisbon Marathon and Half Marathon

02 october 2016

The marathon course will start in Cascais, run all along the Atlantic and through the beautiful gardens of Oerias, then back along the banks of the Tagus river, touring the heart of old Lisbon. The Portugal Half Marathon which starts on the bridge Vasco de Gama will be held on the same date. An open race of about 7Km is also in the program of the event
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Porto Marathon - 6 November 2016

Marathon - 16Km & open race 6Km

6 November 2016

The Marathon of Porto with its 9th years of previous experience, starts for the 13rd. edition. 6 November, the organization wishes to confirm the good performance at the organizational level and offer participants an excellent service. Many world class athletes take part in the event.
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Discoveries Half Marathon- 4 December 2016

Lisbon Discoveries Half Marathon

4 December 2016

The discoveries half marathon comes to occupy a space left empty by the Lisbon Marathon. December being a peak month to practice long-distance races and perhaps one of the last opportunities to run in the open air in Europe before the arrival of winter. The streets of the city of Lisbon, historical monuments, will be the decor of the half marathon.
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