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True synergy of races

We are a passionate team of runners fans also of traveling. With Space Running, every runner will find someone to talk. Do you want to run? We will take care about your registration and your stay before, during and after the race. Organization Space Running and My Video Finish have created an important synergy with our races. My Video Finish, to take care of your image. Also with the racing circuit in Portugal Running Portugal Register On Line.

Your personalized training

We proceed to the individual registration, or group, online. We confirm and reassure the participant that everything goes well, until race day. Availabilty limitless. We can also recommend any particular type of training, for a specified distance, as our team consists of top runners. We are present at the Bib (package) pick up to be sure everything has gone well. It only remains for us, to wish you a good race..

Running Portugal

You can register On Line for all races we propose, we have the best current software solutions. Register On Line and further information with WANAGO

Register Online

Proceed to your race entry online and let us guide you, we'll do the rest!

Registration for any race with the most simple and the most secured way. Database and document confirming participation, attribution of bib number automatically. With the management of registrations, the organizer will entrust us the charge of the enrollment management and will be assured of the accuracy of data input because they are analyzed and combined with the listing held by our service. We also manage registration forms in paper, Online Registration by Active Europe and allows you to assign a dedicated phone line for each event. Custom Service. Entries are loaded in real time and synchronized on our service server data, which athletes can check and known their assigned bib number.
Also from the web page assigned to the event, You can then download the custom confirmation letter containing all relevant information for the proper conduct of the competition. Our team is full of talented professionals with many years of experience and fully dedicated to making your event a smashing success. Most of our team have directed their own events, and with this level of understanding they treat your event just like their own event sharing the same passion. The image of the race with photo and video covering the entire event Video Finish to every runner, Race Certificate online. Presence on other events and synergy with all sites of circuit Running Portugal and Space Running. Allocation of numbers depending on the participant's performance. Confirmations sent by email. Sending emails communicating assigning bib numbers and other useful information.




My Video finish In addition to the published results, you have the option to view and evaluate data on the participation in the event, selecting the fields that interest you. These statistics can be public or for personal use in your organization.


It is a system to publish video-results of your events and posting direct on your website. You can do it by yourself or you prefer we can help you, contact us so we take care of the production and the rest of the process. This way you can capture the most important moment of the participants in the event, the crossing of finish line.
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Our mailing list has about 450,000 subscribers. Newsletter targeted to all fans of running. Advertising online. Newsletter aimed at all road racing fans.

Presence in most major running events. Customer service
Have a question? Need help setting up your event? We are here to satisfy your needs! Our goal is to provide customer service that is not only the best, but the one that you will not forget . We want you to be happy and make your event a success.
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